Sunday, August 5, 2012

Plant Tags

For my 30th birthday, my friend and coworker, Andrea, got me some plant tags.  Said plant tags are re-useable and one is supposed to write on them with gel ink pen.  As I haven't ever had super great luck with reuseable plant tags in the past, I took pictures of them figuring that at the very least I could keep track of the types of garlic associated with each plant tag picture.

 Here are are the before pictures (and yes, the tags were actually white):

And here are the after pictures (yellow and faded, but still legible):

Sadly they do not wipe off as indicated (soap and water).  Rubbing alcohol made no difference.  This is why I used them for the garlic - I figure I will likely have these garlic varieties growing every fall so it's not a problem if I have to reuse the same stakes.  I wonder if the tags would do better in the shade...

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