Friday, August 31, 2012

My current favorite combo

Garlic Chives with Gomphrena in the background

Gomphrena and Garlic Chives.  My new favorite combination.  This is my first year growing the gomphrena and while it is the second year for the garlic chives, this is the first year they've bloomed.  The gomphrena is an annual while the chives are a perennial...I've also got both of the plants in my actual garden bed, and while I like having them there, when I go back to gardening instead of doing my "let's have a non-garden garden" thing, this may be a problem.  Oh well, I like the white with the neon purple...I like it a lot.  maybe some of that Peter's Purple Monarda with the gomphrena will look smashing.  Yes, that will be a combo to try.

Gomphrena with garlic chives in the background.


Rohrerbot said...

You're right, they are gorgeous. Love the color combos here.

Roberta said...

That is a wonderful combination. I especially like the garlic chives but I've never had the best of luck with them. They look like little cheerleaders.

katina said...

Roberta - I had planted garlic chives seeds a few times and never had any luck with them. the bunch I have growing here are from Bonnie at Kiss of Sun. She had actual plants...I think that's the trick with them. Actual plants, not seeds.