Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wildflower Center Sale

On Saturday the 14, I went to the semi-annual Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Plant Sale.

I also became a member...I haven't told my husband yet...shhh...

But!  The reason why I became a member is because of the reciprocal benefits at other botanical gardens - specifically those in Florida and Arizona (the two locations where I'm hoping to go to on vacation this year).  Of course, it doesn't hurt that it also meant that I got my entry fee back ($9) and also got 3 free 4" pots (again, $9).

I did see that the Austin chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas was selling some yellow red yucca.  And even though I have no place to put a red yucca, I was like "I want this. bad"  But I refrained from buying it because I already had the following:

1 Chocolate Daisy
1 Purple Skullcap (Austin NPSOT)
1 Shrubby Boneset
2 Purple Coneflowers (Williamson County NPSOT)
1 Chile Pequin
2 Zexmenia (Austin NPSOT)
1 Eryngo
1 Desert Marigold
2 Tahoka Daisy
2 Fleabane
1 Red Columbine

It's not like I really have a place for half of that stuff anyway.  So thus I didn't get the Yellow red yucca...but man, I really do want one...Now I just need to make a spot for it...


Anonymous said...

You could always follow my strategy for when I'm in the same circumstance: don't water your garden in August, thus allowing some not-so-hardy plant to die, thereby freeing up a space for the hardier plant to be planted in the fall. Works fairly well, especially when we have a summer like last year's.

-Matt in Austin

sandy lawrence said...

I love those yellow false yuccas, too. Been wanting one for years. I finally bought one this year and planted it in a rather large hollowed out stump in the front corner 'meadow' part of the yard. It is surrounded by the yellow of Englemann daisies and looks very much at home.

Lancashire rose said...

Nice selection. Your garden is going to be a wonderland of natives. Yes, I too came away with more than I planned. A bit disappointed that the chocolate daisies were horribly root bound so I hope they make it.

katina said...

@Jenny - I was surprised there were any left since I've always gone on Saturday. I saw a flat and actually thought "Wow, so Jenny didn't buy all of them...I better get one, this may be my last chance to find one."