Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project Hellstrip: Planted

The Planted Hell Strip:

Note:  I am not done planting - I will still plant more plants - like more verbena and some ruby crystals grass and anything else I can find that I think will be good.

Since you can't see jack in the picture above (oh the problems of using 4" pots of plants...)

Alamo Vine (From Susie at VivaVerde)

Miniature Coreopsis (From the Sun City Plant Sale)

Silver Thyme (From the Austin Organic Growers Plant Sale)

Hymenoxys (From the Sun City Plant Sale)

Not pictured: another coreopsis and hymenoxys; 2 more thyme plants, two artemisia plants, two mexican feather grass plants and two verbena plants.


Lancashire rose said...

It's going to be lovely and good for you supporting those plant sellers.

Bob said...

If you want more 4 nerve daisy or you want Black foot daisy, prairie fleabane or lace cactus, you are more than welcome to come dig some up here as I have a lot of all of them.

Amy said...

Just did some 4" potted plants in the landscape, so I'm right there with you on the photo problems. Nice picks on the plants; excited to see these grow and bloom!

Ally said...

Have you ever tried the Ruellia 'Katie' in your hell strip? I'm curious how it would do. I have some on a western exposure that do very well, but I bet a hell strip gets even hotter.

katina said...

Ally - considering that I had Asian Jasmine in the hell strip prior to a few months ago, no, I haven't tried ruellia there - I probably should, I can dig up one of the plants I already have by the front door...