Sunday, April 15, 2012


Crane flies are a sure indicator of spring - the cat has been hunting them left and right, and considering that he was sick last week and refused all food except for the crane flies he caught. The sunflowers in my yard are volunteers - mostly because the birds and squirrels really hate actually EATING all the seed I put out for them.

Other flowers blooming in the yard include the previously mentioned guara, cedar sage, may night salvia, a blue salvia from Bob, a blue salvia from HEB, passion vine, shrimp plant, verbena, coreopsis, zexmenia, hymenoxys, rock rose, the manfreda, and finally, the parsley.


Roberta said...

The sunflowers are so bright and beautiful. I planted some from an old pack and only one came up. I bought a new pack and put them in the ground yesterday. My fingers are crossed!

katina said...

Hopefully you'll have better luck than my friend Andrea - she planted a bunch, and they all came up, and her fiance then pulled them all out because he thought they were weeds.