Saturday, November 19, 2011

Veggie Plant Winners (Round 5)


Black Krim (2 plants) - 5 tomatoes total, 3 ruined by squirrels or birds. Plants removed from garden 11/19/2011
Roma (2 plants) - 7 tomatoes total, 1 ruined by blossom end rot, 2 tomatoes removed while green when the plant was removed from the garden. While the plant bloomed prolifically with cooler weather, it never really set fruit. Plants removed from garden 11/19/2011
Crookneck Squash - 3 squash total, 2 eaten by squirrels, 1 picked too late to eat.
Red LaSoda Potatoes (5 planted) - 10 potatoes
White Kennebec Potatoes (4 planted) - 2 potatoes
Sweet Potato - 16 potatoes from 4 (or so) slips. I haven't eaten any of them yet so they may be complete crap, but the fact that the return was 4-fold, I'm going to do them again next year (assuming no drought). Potatoes harvested and removed from garden 11/12/2011
Watermelon - 3 total - one eaten by Timmy the possum, 2 eaten by me. And while I've had better from the store, I've also had much worse. I saved seeds from the bigger one so I'll try planting them again in the future. Unfortunately, all three were of the regular pink variety (the packet contained yellow and orange fleshed watermelons in addition to the pink)
Eggplant (2 plants) - 3 total - the first one fell off the plant so I was going to use it, but forgot about it until it was soft. The other 2 were used in Pasta Alla Norma. One of the plants is blooming again, but I don't know if we'll get any more eggplants before the freezes start. Rather than wait for the plant to be flush with eggplants and then have a freeze happen, I opted to pull out the two plants on 11/19/2011.
Cayenne Pepper - 6. Edited 11/27: 14 total.
Thai Red Demon Pepper - 64 peppers total, 2 eaten by squirrels/birds, 2 given to Linda Lehmusvirta. 10 given to Daphne Richards, in exchange for a Peter's Purple Bee Balm, 1 eaten by my husband in a bout of questionable mental stability. Plus, more on the way. Edited 11/27: 149 total
Jalapeno Pepper - 20 peppers (though 10 of those are tiny and green and have no heat at all - the plant stem just started drying up so I pulled the peppers off of that stem, but the other 2 stems are fine), plus more on the way. Edited 11/27: 38 total

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