Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Naga Jolokia: The Ghost Pepper

Excitement abounds! In other news, Shawn decided that it was a good idea to eat a Thai Pepper straight off the vine. That went as well as to be expected.

Also, in unrelated news, Shawn and I were sitting out on our deck and he decided to open the grill (it has the bad habit of getting all moldy from the humidity). Lo-and-behold, we left two fully cooked turkey wings on the grill. So now we have some non-edible turkey jerky in the grill...oh goody!


Lancashire rose said...

i guess you don't have raccoons!

Roberta said...

or maggots :(

Cat said...

Jerky sounds down right pleasant compared to what first went through my mind! Can't believe he ate the pepper. Aren't those supposed to be some of the hottest peppers on the planet?

katina said...

Yes, I was very surprised that it was just jerky and not a decomposed mess of nastiness. Probably had something to do with all those days of low humidity and high temperatures (my In Laws used to dehydrate stuff on window screens when they lived in Albuquerque).

The Thai Pepper is like 100,000 scovilles. A habanero is between 100k and 350k. The Naga Jolokia (pictured) is 855k. The other peppers we're growing are the Cayenne (30k-50k), and the Serrano (6k-23k). Jalapenos are 2.5k-5k.