Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweet Potato

Half of the sweet potato harvest. All from 4 slips. I think I'll be planting them again next summer (assuming we're not in the same nasty drought). While the husband and I like sweet potatoes, we don't devour them, so the amount we got (16 small to medium sized) will probably last us a while. Because I used slips from a potato I got from the grocery, it means that this experiment was relatively cheap.


Lancashire rose said...

I have never thought of growing sweet potatoes for food. I do save my ornamental tubers though. They were sad wormy looking things but by golly they sure produced a nice plant. I heard somewhere that potatoes don't like heat so maybe Texas is too hot for them.

katina said...

Jenny - I haven't had much luck with the regular potatoes - the best I've done in 3 rounds was doubling my initial red la soda batch. The sweet potatoes did much better.