Sunday, November 6, 2011


The hummingbirds have left for Mexico (this was taken about a month and a half ago right before they left).

The Carolina Chickadees are appreciating the new bird feeders I put out.

As are the house finches.

Those birds will go through an entire feeder full of safflower and black oil sunflower in a couple of days. They, of course, tend to ignore the thistle feeder except for when the other feeder is so busy that they have to take turns to feed.

I'm still filling the platform feeder every day (with about a cup of seed). I've started mixing in some safflower since the birds like it and the squirrels don't. So far it seems like the Jays and the squirrels will make off with the black oil sunflower seed and the finches/chickadees and cardinals will get the safflower.

Of course, we did have our first feeder casualty; a dove. While I'm not necessarily happy about this turn of events, I also know that the killer was one of the feral cats. And while it sucks that a bird died, I can't exactly say that doves are all that smart and it was walking around on the ground at the time of its demise. That being said, the mockingbirds can also be quite dumb - dive bombing cats isn't usually the surest way to a long life...

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Tina said...

Nice photos of the birds, especially the hummer. I never had much luck with the guara (last post)--the flowers are lovely, though.