Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Powers That Be Hate Me or Why I will Never Have Habaneros

In fall of 2009, I purchased some Red Savina Habanero seeds from Renee's Garden.

I planted 3 seeds in early 2010. They all died.

I planted 5 seeds in early 2011. They all sprouted and I was all like "YAY Habaneros!"

On March 3, a squirrel went and dug in this box ripping up all the habaneros save one. I tried to save as many as I could (3 of them), but alas, they all died except for the one that the squirrel missed.

I transplanted my lone habanero into a 4" pot on March 26.

On the 29th, I came home from work and moved my potted plants (including all the 4" transplants) closer to the house (to be under the roof overhang) as we were supposed to get some hail. We did not get any hail.

On the 30th, I came home from work and decided I should move all my plants that were under the overhang back to their normal location.

I noticed that one of my pots had been messed with. Only one. Can you guess which one it was? That's right. It was the habanero. There was no plant to be found anywhere, just a plant-less 4" pot that was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THE SLIDING DOOR. Like, what the hell? Weren't the cats sitting there staring down the varmint? Was it during the time that the neighbor's dog found a hole in the fence and spent the afternoon in our yard? I mean, REALLY!?!? COME ON!

I planted another seed in the 4" pot on Friday the 1st.


Caroline said...

Like you, I have had no luck starting habaneros from seed, or their kissing cousins, Scotch bonnet peppers. The only time I have had habaneros is on the rare occasion I've found transplants at local nurseries. It doesn't stop me from trying, though. I'm trying again tomorrow.

Bob said...

It may just be time to go to the nursery and buy some plants that are already big enough to survive the rigors of life in your back yard. I won't tell any one you did. It's O...K. You will have hab,s if you do.

michael said...

i have 2 ?s first did that pepper burn your fingers or mouth all day and some of the night it did mine

secant how many days did it take tell you had flowers on your peanut plants
mine has been growing for one month now to this day and still growing fine it has dark green leafs and a fat stem if you can pleas do email me back thanks and nice pics.