Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lily P. Utian

Hi! My name is Lily. Lily P. Utian. I am going to take you on a jaunt around Katina's garden to show you my favorite potted plants. Here I am sitting in my home with my Venezuelan friend and a nice set of Lemon Balm cuttings that Katina is trying to root for her coworkers.

We shall start this tour in the backyard with the Agave desmettiana variegata from Jenny from Rock Rose, Sedum from Bob at Draco Gardens, and unknown variety of agave from Katina's work. You can't tell, but the black pot in the background has a Mexican Buckeye tree sapling from Carol at Lost Valley Gardens.

Around to the front the house, you'll find a unknown (by Katina) red variegated agave from Diana at Sharing Nature's Garden. Over my right shoulder you can see some spineless prickly pear from Katina's friend, Ross. Immediately behind the pot is a heaping mound of Asiatic Jasmine, or as Annie in Austin refers to it, the "Scourge Released Upon Central Texas." By the window of the house, you can just barely see Katina's avocado tree which she started from a pit almost 6 years ago.

Moving one pot to the left (that's my left), we come to the pot of graptopetalum from Bob at Draco Gardens, behind the pot there's some Feather Grass (Katina doesn't remember who she got it from, either Jenny at Rock Rose or Philip at East Side Patch), you can see the stalks for the Tropical Milkweed, and the yellow spots are zexmenia which Katina got from Bob at Draco who got his plant from Jenny at Rock Rose. The grass-looking plant to the right (my right) and behind the pot is a rain lily from Annie at The Transplantable Rose.

And here we are at the end of our tour. All plants in this photo (graptopetalum, sedum, and rosemary) provided by Bob at Draco Gardens.

Thank you for joining me on the tour of the potted plants in Katina's yard (you may have noticed that there are a few pots in the above photo which we did not cover--that is because the plants in them are D-E-D, dead). See you next time!


Bond said...

This amused me. I like how the happy, childlike tone of the piece transitions to plant mortality. Oh, bitter reality.

Meredith/Great Stems said...

Too cute. Thanks for the tour, Lily!