Sunday, April 3, 2011


If you haven't already heard (and who hasn't?), this year is not a great year for bluebonnets - we hardly got any rain the fall and winter which usually means that the wildflowers won't put on as great of a show. And considering that last year, the medians and sides of Mopac were COVERED in flowers, it seems a little weird to only see smatterings of wildflowers. Admittedly the coreopsis or tick seed or black eyed susans or whatever the yellow daisy-esque flower is is having quite the year.

But this isn't about wildflowers elsewhere. This is about wildflowers here, at my house.

In the fall, I got some bluebonnet seeds from MSS at Zanthan Gardens. I put them with my other seeds, and promptly forgot about them. I remembered them in January or so. Generally, much too late to put them out. I figured what the hell, they'll either germinate or they won't. So I threw them all about the yard and the flower bed areas.

In hindsight, this probably wasn't the smartest idea since the husband gets all protective of his lawn.

On March 26, I decided to go for a flower hunt in my yard - my other flowers that reseed themselves (such as cedar sage), have the bad habit of seeding in the lawn just outside of the flower bed and the husband will mow them over. Because of this, I have to make the rounds at the edges of the flowerbeds digging up all plants and planting them in the flowerbed. And yes, I have transplanted weeds before.

As I was checking the areas where I had dispersed bluebonnet seeds, I noticed that there was a funny looking plant outside of the bluebonnet area, but what do you know, it looks like a bluebonnet! So I went and dug it up and plopped it in one of the flower beds.

Grow little bluebonnet, grow!

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Meredith said...

Yay! Our one bluebonnet is just a little seedling, too. I forgot to spread the seeds out until late, too.