Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden 2011: 4/14/11


Caroline said...

Looking good! I really like those big sturdy tomato cages. How big are your beds?

katina said...


the beds are about 3' x 7' (we bought 10' boards). The cages are 6' cages, but then pushed into the ground, they're closer to 5'.

Belle said...

I just stumbled on your blog as I am looking for resources to help me start an edible garden on my apartment balcony. Do you know of any really good container gardening blogs or resources? I'm also not an experienced gardener.

Cat said...

It's looking good Katina! Praying for rain over here.

katina said...


I don't normally do container gardening, or rather, I have two large pots that I'll put herbs in because it's easier.

I'd start with something simple that gives you some return through the summer - like oregano and/or rosemary in pots. Basil might work well too since it will wilt when it needs water and perk right back up when you water it. Then in the fall, you can try some cherry tomatoes (I wouldn't start them now since it's probably a little too late to get a good crop before the summer heat sets in).

Check the Travis County Agri-life extension website which you can access through the Central Texas Horticulture blog. (or though google)