Sunday, June 13, 2010


The popcorn is 4'+ tall, it has tassled out (which actually means that the pollination stick at the top of the plant is no longer a stick, but more like a branch), and in some cases, looks like it's ready to be picked (as in if it were sweet corn, I'd be out there checking the ears every day to see if it was in fact time for eating). It has been 12 weeks and 1 day since I planted the seed. Maturation is in 100-105 days (15 weeks).

I decided to check what the seed pack said to do about harvesting. And the answer is "let it dry out on the stalk." um...okay. But wouldn't that require the corn not getting any water for a while? And this stuff is still in a garden bed where I need to water all the other plants. So...uh, yeah. I don't think it's going to be drying "on the stalk" unless I pull out the entire stalk and dry that. Which...just no. That won't happen.

I don't know what I'm going to do to dry out the corn then. Maybe I'll pull the ears and then use some old pantyhose to do the trick...or more likely I'll pull the ears, pull back the husks and tie all the husks together and hang from my "newly minted" dry hook in the kitchen.

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Bob said...

I think you wait until the plant dies. Pick around the end of summer. They don't really look ready yet though. And those number of days to harvest only work back east where they have perfect growing conditions I think. My stuff is never ready as soon as they say it should be.