Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bumpy Stems (Tomatoes)

I took a picture of this today on my tomatoes and decided that either they had contracted some type of STD, or were being attacked by bugs. After a quick Google Search, I came across this website: This site informed me (with pictures even!) that what my Ananas Noire tomato is suffering from is called Tomato Stem Primordia. Basically the plant is trying to start some new roots. The causes of this condition are high humidity, predominantly wet weather, or over watering (I think greater than 3" of rain in one night within the last week would constitute as 'over watering', plus this plant is in the newer bed which has more dirt and less organic matter mixed in which means it gets soppy and stays soppy).

The other tomato in the bed (the Purple Cherokee), has been suffering from some leaf rolling recently. Leaf rolling which I confirmed to be of the Environmental variety...also indicating that there is too much water in the bed.

Note to self, more organic matter!


Claude said...

yep - too much humidity and/or water going on... watch the plants and if the roots start rotting, very quickly cut off about 12 inches of stem, put the stem in water and you'll get roots within a week or two, you can then start new plants... you may want to do that anayway when the heat finally starts to overwhelm them so you can have a fall crop of tomatoes.

Diana said...

Ahhhh - I didn't know those bumps were caused by all that rain and humidity. Thanks for the info. You know, it's all just one big crap shoot anyway~!!!

The Younger Rachael said...

My tomatoes have those bumps, too, as well as curling leaves. I promise I'm not watering that much! Its the darn Waco weather. 5 1/2" inches of rain in a day... too much.