Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oak-y Problem

A few weeks ago my husband decided to go and prune all the trees...which really actually translates to pruning the Arizona Ash in the back yard so it doesn't hit the house, the Chinese Pistache in the front yard so it doesn't hit the house or the neighbor's house, and the Red Tip Photina on the side yard so it doesn't hit the house. Are we seeing a theme here?

Anyhow, I told him he was free to cut whichever trees he wanted except for the oak tree. That was the only one he could not prune. And I don't know if it was the whole "Do not do this" that made it so appetizing--like the whole 'whatever you do, don't put me in the briar patch!' said Briar Rabbit, but he went and cut one limb off of the tree. A limb, that if left to its own devices would have eventually grown larger and would have started sideswiping my car. A limb, that could have easily been left alone until the middle of July when it's safer to prune oak trees. Of course we also did not have pruning paint at the time he cut the branch and I didn't get anything over the cut until the next night.

So you can imagine my dread when I noticed that the leaves started looking like this:

However, from what I've found on the vast interwebs, this isn't oak wilt. Oak wilt should apparently start from the edges of the leaf and work its way inward. It should also cause a browning of the leaf, not a transparency. AND it should have started at the crown of the tree and worked its way down instead of being only at the bottom of the tree.

So, from what I CAN find, it appears that this is the damage of some kind of bug. Perhaps the Oak Skeletonizer bug (Bucculatrix ainsliella Murtfeldt)

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Wizzie Brown said...

I would say that it was some sort of chewing insect pest (something small); possibly some sort of leaf beetle or caterpillar.