Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday (before the rains), I came home and went out to look at the garden. My corn had been blown over. And then it rained on said blown-over corn.

Needless to say all the corn looked mighty pitiful this morning when I got up to try and prop it back into place. 3 stakes, and 6 strings of twine later, everything was relatively back into place.

I don't remember this happening in Colorado ever. Has anyone else had problem with corn "laying down"?

In other news I pulled the rest of the bulbing onions and most of the green onions. The largest of the bulbing varieties are the size of a baseball. The husband (who hates onions) was actually pretty impressed with the onion haul. As mentioned previously, the beets and garlic were pulled earlier. We finished off the beets last night with dinner (and right after we finished, the husband stated that he "really, really dislikes beets." Apparently he didn't want to tell me this while we had them for fear that I'd just throw the rest in the compost bin since I don't necessarily LOVE beets). Project 29 for the weekend will be to clean the garlic and bag it.

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