Saturday, March 6, 2010

What to do? What to do?

I got a bit ambitious with this past fall garden. Not that it's too big, it's just that I got ambitious with how much food I wanted from the garden. Of course I got the garden in a little late (November), and then there was some colder weather through the winter and so everything has just remained stunted...And I'm sure that I was supposed to be watering much more frequently than I did.

In January, I planted beets, chard, spinach and peas in what was the original garden. And because of the cold weather, they didn't even sprout until the last week or so.

And now we're in March. You do know what happens in March, right? Spring planting. That's what happens in March. But now the problem is that both gardens are least full enough that I don't really have anywhere to plant the tomatoes, eggplant and pepper plants. To top it off, I'm usually a person that can't put plants out of their misery by pulling them up (unless they have bolted). Shawn normally stays out of garden planning other than to add his two cents about which pepper plant to try, but when he saw all the pea plants this afternoon he got all excited about having garden peas and was none to happy when I told him that I had actually planted an entire patch of peas specifically for green manure (the peas were free from a coworker and I had 50 seeds and figured that planting 15 for green manure wasn't actually bad at all.)

So, now the quandary: let the pea plants get big enough to produce and therefore put off planting the normal spring crops until April at the earliest, or try to plant stuff interspersed in the peas (like corn maybe)?...though I still need to figure out what to do with all the tomato/pepper/eggplant seedlings I have at work then...though I guess I could try to hold off on planting those until the fall.


bond said...

You could try the tomatoes and peppers in large pots/whiskey barrels in the backyard. I have never had luck with potted anything if the summer is hot and dry, but that one year we had a wet and cool summer, I'll bet pottted plants would have done better than in-ground plants since they would've actually dried out. I too hate pulling stuff up if it looks good, but spring/summer stuff is way tastier than winter so I yanked up the rest of my spinach and broccoli even though they were still producing. Yanked up the lettuce too, but it was bitter even when it was small so I really didn't care about it.

Bob said...

Can you say "Bigger Garden". I just know that you can.