Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Garden '10: Planted

I planted plants yesterday and seeds today. They are as follows:
Habanero (from Red Barn Garden Center, $2.99 -I think)
2 Lemon Balm (from Red Barn Garden Center, $2.99 each)
2 Dill (one from Lowes, one from Red Barn Garden Center, $1.99 and $2.99, respectively)
2 6-packs of Tagetes Marigolds (from Lowes, $1.99 each -I think)
Black Krim Tomato (from Rebar and Roses, Free)
Ananas Noire Tomato (from Rebar and Roses, Free)
Beatrice Eggplant (2 seedlings)
2 Yellow Hot Pepper (from Charlie, Free)
Orange Fogo Thai Pepper(seedling)
Green Zebra Tomato (3 seedlings)
Yellow Admiral Bell Pepper (seedling)
Valencia Orange Bell Pepper (seedling)
Queenette Thai Basil (seedling)

Of these, one of the lemon balms looked a little peeked this evening when I checked on everything, and one of the Green Zebras probably won't make it, and one of the Eggplants was gone when I checked on things this evening. Also, the Black Krim was bent (snapped) an inch or so above the ground, but it wasn't obviously broken off yet so I put a toilet paper roll around it and pressed it into the ground about an inch or so and then filled it up with dirt. I don't know if this will work in any way, shape, or form, but if it does, then I've learned something new.
Edited for Update: As of 3-31-10, the Orange Fogo, one of the Green Zebras, and the Black Krim did not make it.

Nasturium (Alaska Variegated, Botanical Interests, $0.99, Gardens, purchased 2010)
Ornamental Corn (Strawberry Popcorn, Botanical Interests, $1.89, The Great Outdoors, purchased 2010)
Cantaloupe (Hearts of Gold, American Seed, $0.30, Lowe's, purchased 2007)
Lima Beans (Fordhook Bush #242, America's Choice, $unknown, Lowe's, purchased 2007)
Watermelon (Crimson Sweet, Walmart Gardens, $0.97, Walmart, purchased 2007)
Compact Winter Squash (Early Butternut, Renee's Garden, $2.79, Mail Order, purchased 2009)
Compact Winter Squash (Delicata Squash, Renee's Garden, $2.79, Mail Order, purchased 2009)
True Thai Basil (Queenette, Renee's Garden, $2.69, Mail Order, purchased 2009)
Butterfly Flowers (Torch Tithonia, Renee's Garden, $Free (Garden Blogger's Get Together), obtained 2009)

AND I still have two unused tomato cages...which are set up so I can put two more tomato plants in.

I also transplanted the Baby Blue Eyes (from Rachel @ In Bloom), the White Linen Poppies (from Lancashire Rose) and I bought a Tropical Milkweed (aka Butterflyweed, Red Barn, $7.99) and transplanted it yesterday since I read the article that Fits and Starts linked to.

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I can't wait to hear about your harvests.