Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Garden '10 updates

No, I haven't started planting anything yet. I've just been collecting plants, or killing plants, and figured that rather than use Twitter as my journal I should use the blog I set up as a journal.

So...let's see...

The seedlings I started are pretty leggy. This is to be expected because I started them at work where the light is from a window. A window that has a sun filter on it.

I brought all the seedlings home and then some of them started doing worse instead of better. Maybe it was because I had them outside during the day in a location that wasn't very well protected, or I don't know. Some of them started looking worse. So I did the number one thing you're not supposed to do and fertilized them. That killed off some right there. I then decided I'd get supports in the little pots for the plants, so I used some zip ties as stakes and pipe cleaners as the ties. Only then Gray Kitteh! decided that they were fun toys and started pulling out plants. I had to emergency plant the two I found (Beatrice Eggplant and Green Zebra Tomato). It happened to be the first night I was planning on leaving the seedlings out, so I guess it's a good thing since it could have been the first day I had brought them home. As time has gone on, I've had a couple other plants bite the dust and have obtained others.

Plants that died:
Marvel Stripe Tomato
2 Habanero peppers
Brandywine Tomato

Plants that I have obtained:
Black Krim Tomato (from Jen at Rebar and Roses)
Ananas Noire Tomato (from Jen at Rebar and Roses)
2 Yellow Hot Peppers (from my coworker, Charlie...I think they might be Pineapple Aji peppers or something similar)
(maybe I should get a Pineapple Guava plant and go for the pineapple trifecta?)

Plants I have given away:
Vidi Crimson (Red Bell Pepper) to Jen at Rebar and Roses

Seeds planted in the planters of the dead plants:
Thai Basil
Green Zebra
French Lavender


Ellie said...

Hi Katina-
It was great to meet you too. I can't believe that was almost a month ago. I've had out of town guests and lots of distractions. Anyway, I have tons of tomato seedlings including some Brandywine, Rainbow's End, Celebrity, tomatillo (and others). Let me know if you want some.

LindaCTG said...

Hey, we all kill a few on the way to success! You've got the right idea. Good luck with this spring's garden.