Sunday, March 14, 2010

Elevensies. And first lunch. And second lunch

The little habanero plant mentioned earlier did indeed die. RIP little habanero plant. Also something (squirrel, bird, cat) made off with the only Marvel Stripe tomato plant. The little planter is there, there is no sign of the plant itself. and it's not like 'oh, if died', it's like "it's gone. poof! where'd it go?!"

So I re-purposed the planters and planted more habaneros and another green zebra (I'm out of marvel stripe seeds and only have brandywine and green zebra left and like hell I'm starting ANOTHER brandywine. Why waste space on a plant you know won't do all that well anyhow?). Unlike the other planters which get moved in and out at night, these two will stay outside in the garden area. I also figured out 3 days ago that if I put the seedlings out by the garden (sitting on the ground infront of one of the raised beds) then they get full sun and are protected by the wind. I blame the P.E. test on this--my mind is so addled, I can't come up with simple solutions to common sense problems.

Shawn cut off all the broccoli last night as all three plants were starting to bolt. We ate the side shoots with some Marzetti's ranch dip and will probably have cooked broccoli tonight. With another salad of spinach and carrots.

I also stopped by The Great Outdoors yesterday to find a solution to my gnat problem at work. I stopped in to see if they had the Quinoa and Popcorn I mentioned in my Tweet a few days ago. And sure enough, they did. So I will be growing Quinoa in the fall and I figure I'll do the popcorn now, and then regular sweet corn a little later. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to have the two types cross pollinating...but obviously I'll have to plant them closer than 1/2 mile apart. So I'll do the next best thing and plant them at different times so they don't pollinate concurrently. I assume this will work, but I dont' know...and I'd rather have the sweet corn getting into the popcorn than the other way around.

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Iris said...

Damn squirrels! I can't believe they stole your plant when it didn't even have a tomato on it yet. We ate LOTS of greens and lettuces this weekend because ours are bolting, too. I made a big batch of a super healthy soup from the greens (and beets, garlic, onions, ginger) and froze half.