Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mystery Flowers

Mystery Flower #1 has turned out to be a sunflower of some sort:
Mystery Flower #2 is a Lantana plant. It has yellow flowers, and I think it didn't get enough water before they started falling off, but I think it's the Texas variety. Also, this picture is so close up because I was trying to take photos in the wind. Stupid wind. The best part about this plant is that we don't have a Texas Lantana in our yard. I've planted the purple trailing, the red Dallas, and some white variety.

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Gretta said...

Flower #1 looks an awful lot like Gaillardia--and it is indeed part of the sunflower family. Flower #2--if it is entirely yellow or golden colored may be a trailing variety of lantana. If the flowers start off more pinkish then turn colors to yellow it may be a multicolored variety called Irene whose habit is more mounding (they get taller than trailing lantana). Seems all the solid-colored lantana are trailing and multicolors are mounding however there are always exceptions in nature. I moved to Austin recently from Madison, WI and have been captivated by the flowers that can thrive in this climate and love checking in on your blog. Veggies are still my fave tho!