Monday, May 18, 2009

Freaking A!

Stupid. Freaking. Squirrels.

Made off with another tomate-er today. The quickly ripening BHN. Only sucktackular because that was the ONLY tomato on that plant. Great. How am I supposed to know what they taste like now.

Those squirrels better be glad that I have a job and therefore can't sit outside all day in a lawn chair wearing a truckers' hat, drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon* and shooting at them with a BB gun**.

So it looks like we'll be making a trip to pick up some bird netting and then figuring out a way to anchor it down so the squirrels don't get under it. I may also have to buy them some squirrel corn.

*I've never had a PBR, but one of my friends from college always drinks it whenever he wants to "do it up like a trailer park". His quote, not mine. I think most trailer parks are perfectly adequate.

**I've never shot a gun in my life either. BB or otherwise. At work, we keep talking about going skeet shooting though. So with a 12-gauge shotgun. It will be GLORIOUS.


Lancashire rose said...

How about a Havahart trap baited with the cut end of the tomato. works like magic! Then you have to decide what to do with them! We have caught 4 rock squirrels this year. They were causing undermining of our rocks and also eating plants and flowers. Still more out there and then it will be the hispid cotton rats turn!

Bob said...

Lyn said picturing truckers cap and drinking Pabst beer and shooting tree rats with a BB gun, me yeah,you, not so much. I told her just because your smart AND pretty doesn't mean there isn't a little cedar whacker in there too.

Like the Rose said, the traps do work but with tree squirrels you probably have way more than you normally see there. The netting is what I used when we lived in Liberty Hill but eventually they will chew through it. Now, how do you cock that BB gun?