Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 15: Bloom Day (One Day Late)

Of course, now that I have some time to go out and take pictures of the blooming plants, it's all rainy outside. So instead, you'll just have to make do with pictures I took earlier of the plants that are blooming and will have to wait patiently for photos of the plants that are currently blooming that weren't blooming earlier (or in some cases, wait for photos that actually look good instead of like crap).

So, here's a list of everything that's blooming right now: Tomatoes, Squash, Eggplant, Bulbine, Red Lantana, White Lantana, Volunteer Orange Lantana, Coral Honeysuckle, Parsley, Oregano, Easter Lily, White Cornflower, Volunteer Sun Flower, Asian Jasmine, Confederate Star Jasmine, and Bat-Face Cuphea.

Pictures I have of things that are blooming (or at least were blooming at the beginning of the month):

The cyclamen bloomed at the beginning of the month completely surprising me. This one is no longer blooming, though the bloom only officially fell off on Thursday. I want to know why posting these red flower photos on Blogger always makes them look like crap...

The Bat-face Cuphea started blooming at the end of April, and it's still going, though it had many more flowers earlier this month than it does now. The part that surprises me about this plant is that it's so small--the blooms are really little too, about the size of my finger tip (from the tip to the first joint)

Oh Noes!!1!! The Bat-Faced Cuphea has a tumor! It's nice to know that not even mother nature is perfect all the time.

As I said, I'll update later (probably tomorrow) with more pictures of all the other stuff that's blooming--and I'll be sure to get a wide angle photo of the front yard area because it's a mass of white flowers with an accent of the's actually kinda pretty this year--I think its because the lantana is larger and is blooming at the same time as the Easter Lilies (the Lilies just opened up yesterday as did the cornflower---I totally should have taken pictures last night, but I was too concerned about getting everything watered since everything looked of course it's raining. But I'm still grateful--the rain barrel needed to be refilled.

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