Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday evening, I took a picture of my strawberries that were going to be ready to pick today. So today, I came home right after work and went straight to the strawberries. Only to find that they had been eaten. Eaten by squirrels I assume (based off of the nice bite marks). Those stupid animals ate only the red ones.

Coming soon: pictures from the Austin Garden Bloggers' Get Together.


Bob said...

Sorry to here about your squirrel problem. I shoot every one I see around here. To bad you can't do that there. They eat pretty good as well.

Lancashire rose said...

I can sympathize. I had a lovely red tomato I was about to pick. The whole thing was missing. I thought my h had eaten it but no. It was a rock squirrel. He also picked all the new buds off my gazanias and left the outsides shredded on the ground. So out came the havahart trap and he fell for the bait of a nice cherry tomato. He was transported to a place far away. Rock squirrels are worse than anything.