Thursday, November 19, 2015

Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ

After hitting Saguaro National Park, we headed to the Desert Museum on the recommendation of my Grandpa. The Desert Museum is primarily a zoo and xeric botanical garden, but they also have minerals from Arizona and an aquarium.

"Be a bat" in the Bat Cave - this is also where they had the minerals area of the museum as well.
Metal javelina in a garden

A bee going crazy in a mallow flower

A hummingbird. With my regular wide-angle lens.

Another hummer

A view to the southwest

A saguaro skeleton.  The ribs are used to knock the saguaro fruit from the plant when they're ripe.

Metal fence art - maybe Bob at Draco would like it. 

A wild lizard eating some blooms

A look to the southeast - the saguaro skeleton with hawk on the right is actually a metal sculpture.

A crested saguaro - the growing tip ends up going sideways and it causes this weird brain-wavy thing at the top of the plant.  Euphorba Lactia is known to do the same thing, but does it much quicker (thus why it's closer to the ground)

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