Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chiricahua National Monument

After saying goodbye to my grandparents, we headed off to Chiricahua National Monument.  I gotta tell you, my desire to see National Parks and Monuments really paid off with Chiricahua.  It's out of the way so you're not just going to 'come across it' and even knowing how far away it was, we still were like, "did we miss a turn off?"

After arriving, we went for a trail run (which is where the first couple of pictures came from), and then did a long hike the second day.

Chiricahua was formed by an old volcano spewing ash all over and hardening into rhyolite; the elements have been at work ever since.  It's also a location where you can see coati mundi - I'm sad that I didn't see any - though we did have Arizona Whitetail deer walk through our campsite.

Camel Rock.

Duck Rock

"Wall Street"

Intriguing rock formation

chin on the left, forehead on the right - looking up at the sky

"organ pipe" formation

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