Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 2014 Wide Angles

Damn.  Only 16 days I suppose that means that you should be looking for Bloom Pics around the 1st, and Foliage pics on the 2nd.  Anyway, thanks to Heather at Xericstyle for hosting.

The Front yard as a whole:

The Rose Bed...which should probably just be called the Zexmenia bed...except that I'm going to pull out some of the larger plants and put a Firecracker Bush out here, too...

The Hell Strip.  I'm currently loving the Fall Aster...which I completely forgot that I had planted.

Walking up to the front door.  The passionvine was starting to wind it's way up the trellises, but then the gulf fritillaries ate off all the leaves (it happens twice a year).  Oh! I 'saved' some fritillary caterpillars when I was cleaning up passionvine around the yard (because damn that plant spreads by runners), so I will have to do a post about them.  Also, the Gregg's mistflower and the artemisia are starting to really fade in this area...I think they're just getting too much shade from the pistache.

Around the side to the gate...where the Turk's Cap has gone crazy.

From the Rain Barrel:

From the back door:

From the other side of the deck (by the bedroom window)
The white flowers in the foreground are unscented plumeria
I tried to get a picture of the garden...but the cosmos are crazy again.  So really it's just more like a cosmo photobomb.  I have since pulled out the Purple Cherokee tomato plant because a tomato horn worm ate off all the leaves.  And I really should probably pull out the eggplants, and maybe some of the peppers so I can start the fall garden.  It's just so tough when I have no idea how long I have until the plants won't produce anything anyway (I know the average frost date is like December 6, with a likely first frost date of November 15, so I should probably look into what I could conceivably get from the current plants [tomato, pepper, and eggplant]).
5' tall cosmos.  Because they're on steroids or something.

And the world photo can be found here.

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