Thursday, October 9, 2014


It's always great when you wake up to this:

And then I started assessing the damage...

So, my new blue bonsai planter which was full of succulents is totally smashed...but I also had a green pot and one of my owl pots that my cousin made.

Thankfully, my owl pot was unscathed.

And the green pot is unscathed, but the agave needed some help.

The only clue I have as to what happened comes from this:

From the Feather Atlas, this is likely a screech owl feather.  Now then, a screech owl probably isn't big enough to knock over the little table, but a cat trying to go for the owl might be.


Debra said...

So sorry about your planter. =(

Kind of a coincidence, I recently posted about cats vs owls here in East Austin. Apparently in District Nine (and you have to say that with a Yakov Smirnoff voice) birds eat cats.

Rock rose said...

Those night-time visitors up to no good.

Claude said...

Or maybe the owl was after some critter. These tjings happen. But its never fun.

sandy lawrence said...

I was expecting you to reveal the culprit as a raccoon. Bane of my gardening life here, not only breaking things, but carrying things off for several yards or so. Agree with Rock Rose; those night time visitors definitely up to no good. So glad your owl pot was spared!

katina said...

Debra - I just keep asking what each district's "specialty" is - you know, like hunger games. But I'm pretty sure they don't exactly match up -
District 1: Luxury items,
District 2: stone cutting, fighting, and weaponry
District 3: electronics
District 4: fishing
District 5: electricity
District 6: transportation
District 7: lumber, paper
District 8: textiles
District 9: grain/food
District 10: livestock

Well, actually district 4 may match up pretty well between the two universes ::winky face::

Debra said...

hahaha Great list! Really: between The Hunger Games and Neill Blomkamp's movie I kind of feel like maybe city council was trying to deliberately snub us. When you cut us aliens do we not bleed? ;)