Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bloom Day October 2014

There are lots of plants blooming right now...some of which I take for granted because they bloom relatively consistently (zexmenia), or I've gotten used to them blooming around now (gomphrena, Gregg's mistflower)...  Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for getting me to at least occasionally to look at the blooming plants and appreciate them.

Anyway, what I've taken pictures of this month:
Fall Aster with Gomphrena
A rose bush from one of my friends, Andrea from when she moved to West Virginia.  I just found the little tag buried in the pot yesterday, but I don't remember what it's called...something that basically means that the flowers change colors as they mature, or that the plant had 2 different roses grafted to it so it blooms in two different colors...I'm not sure.  Research is needed.
Caldwell Pink heirloom rose.  With some Big Muhly seed heads.  Such a hardy little rose this.

Cosmos and Giant Petunia.  The Petunia may be Carolina Petunia (if the plants at the Key West Botanic Garden are any indication...which they may have also been mislabeled, so I guess I'll never know).  Again, I suppose more research is in order...unless any of you out there are petunia experts.

And of course, since it's so rare to have my roses blooming, I went ahead and cut them off and brought them in the house (besides, it's also the only way I'll have flowers in the house).
My new garden gnome keeps watch over the roses.

From a different angle

Looking up at the Caldwell pinks.


Debra said...

These are all beautiful photos but the composition in the first really captured my attention. What a gorgeous combination.

Travis Heights Garden Mama said...

I always forget gomphrena, or pick out teeny ones that only grow a few inches tall, but your first picture makes me want to be sure and remember to get some tall proud fuschia/purple ones next year- they're beautiful!

Claude said...

Your tall petunia looks much like a Ruellia, aka Mexican Petunia. Theres some native species in Texas, but none get that large.

katina said...

@Travis Heights - that particular type of gomphrena gets about 1.5 - 2' tall - you can see a better picture of form in my "wide angles" post. I can always pull off a few seed heads for you and bring them by your place (or you can meet me at my office - One Texas Center)... email my google account. Katina.Bohrer

katina said...

@Claude - I think you're right - I think it's giant mexican petunia - but the guy I got it from said that it's bigger than normal mexican petunia; and every time I see a plant that someone has actually labeled as mexican petunia, it's always a pink flower. Since the stands of plants I have seem to always get bigger because of roots, I suppose I should pull off seed heads and start them to see if they sprout...