Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mulish & Co

On the day of the Sunshine Community Garden Sale, I hung out at Roberta's house for a little while afterwards in order to get some photos of her chickens for my sister who bailed on us at the last minute (and I had been so excited about her meeting Roberta and seeing all the chickens).

The morning of the sale, Roberta had some delicious mushroom and asparagus quiche as well as some cranberry scones.  Jiminny Crickets, I'm going to be having dreams of that food - Roberta is an AMAZING cook.

Arrow and Lily were the welcoming crew (as they always are), Baby came by later, but opted not to follow us outside for the photo op.  Michael had gone for a run so he wasn't around for the photo op, either.

Lily - aka Beagle

Arrow - aka the dog most likely to be able to convince my husband we need a dog.


Roberta with Chicken


Guinea - La Bete

Chicken.  Rooster, actually - Agnew


R N said...

Oh my! Imagine my surprise when I saw Beagle's mug on your blog! I love the pics you took. Agnew is quite the model and struck a pose for you. You'll have to taste test my buttermilk scones soon. They're easy-peasy and delish to boot :)

Anonymous said...

The closest thing I have to a chicken of my own is one in Corvallis, Oregon named after me. Agnew is very handsome on that table.

Ally said...

Of course you need a dog and a flock of chickens too! So says the crazy lady who just got 2 puppies who are running her ragged. The chickens are quite easy in comparison.

Bond said...

Is Arrow named after the Harry Nilsson fable? I love those songs! And what cute dogs and chickens!

Linda/patchwork said...

I see all these beautiful chickens and the wonderful eggs and I start thinking.....
Then, I come to my senses. LOL...

Sounds like you had a great day.

katina said...

@Bond -