Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Bloom Day 2014

Even with the terribly nasty weather (which fried my iris blooms, and the bush germander blooms - BOOOOOO!!!), some things are still blooming.

These things, naturally, are weeds.  The henbit is going crazy right now in my yard.  And that's fine - the nectar-drinking insects appreciate it, and as long as I get it removed before it goes to seed, it's not a big deal.  I've also got some tiny-flowered itty bitty plant that's blooming and is ALL over my hell strip - I really need to figure out what it is so I can determine if it's friend or foe.

I do have 2 other plants that are blooming now - Baby Blue Eyes and Verbena.

Baby Blue Eyes


Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting bloom day on the 15th of each month.


Anonymous said...

Your verbena is pretty--that's a plant I've never had luck with. Those Baby Blue-eyes are so pretty--beautiful in a large area.

Viva Verde said...

The baby blue eyes is so sweet. Does it do okay in a little shade? And i'm also a 'let it flower, then remove' type of girl with the weeds. i know i have a lot more bees and flies than if i eradicated everything right off the bat.

Ally said...

Did you grow your baby blue eyes from seed or transplants? I've put down countless seeds and I've yet to see any little blue eyes peeping at me.

Rock rose said...

I love baby blue eyes. how lucky you are to be able to grow it. I have tried and failed.

katina said...

@Tina - This is like my 5th verbena. I obviously also do not have luck with it. This particular plant is one that I got from the clearance rack at a big box store last fall. I'm actually surprised it's come back.

@Ally and Jenny - The baby blue eyes are self seeded from one plant I got from Rachel a few years ago. I do remember it took a few years for the plants to come up, though - like I went a year or two without the plant at all, and then BAM Baby Blue Eyes everywhere.

@Susie - I have mine in dappled sun, so a little shade might be okay as well.