Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NxNA - Milam Garden

At the Milam Garden, natives and adapted plants reign supreme:

Red yucca "Brakelights"

Red Yucca in the foreground, Jerusalem sage in the background.

A few back through the arbor - Dwarf Pomegranate blooming.

Heading around to the back, the side yard is choc-a-block full of plants.

In the front, under the big tree, there's a nice bench to sit on.  The white blooming plant is a much coveted white turk's cap.

Another photo of Bear's Britches.

The owner made a piece of art from a metal cage from a tree root ball and the red chili Christmas ornaments that a friend purchases every year for the owner.

Statuary with rock rose blooming behind

A dining area with a bottle tree in the background.

On my way out, I noticed that the milkweed was going to seed and I thought that the bruising looked like a little face.

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