Friday, July 19, 2013

NxNA Garden Tour - Harris Garden

On to the Harris Garden -

In the front yard, a large sage bush and a Pride of Barbados dominate.

Though I did find a cute little Troll house next to the Bamboo Muhly.

Around the back, there is a limestone path which has rosemary spilling out onto it, rock rose and plumbago bloom alongside a fountain.

A closer photo of the blue plumbago on the left, bulbine on the right, and a black pearl pepper in the bottom right of the photo.

A statue of St. Francis nestled in the rosemary and bamboo mulhy.

The pomegranate tree looks to have a good harvest this year -

And coming around from the back side of the garage, another photo of the front yard.

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Ally said...

Look at those lovely pomegranates! Those lucky gardeners will be eating good real soon.