Friday, July 12, 2013

NxNA - Beane Garden

After leaving the Baker Garden, I headed to the Beane Garden.

Ms. Beane has a HUGE water collection cistern:

She is also a fan of raised garden beds:

There is also a very large mosaic on the front of the house.

Heading around to the back yard...

There is a cute little metal peacock next to the grape vines

Obviously, cardboard is a good way to cut down on the weeds when starting a brand new garden, and the t-posts with 4" panelling makes for an easy trellis.

Along the back of the house, the shell ginger was blooming beautifully.

And a closer shot

When I turned around, I noticed both the cruiser bike against the fence and the tag for the grapes - a very cool idea, but I'm not sure how well it would hold up against the elements...of course, it may have just been there for the tour-goers' benefit.

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Ally said...

I was so interested to see that picture of the raised bed built with cinder blocks. I've been debating on doing something similar, but I was wondering how it would look. Asked and answered. Thanks a bunch!