Friday, May 11, 2012

The end of the Fall Garden

I realized I haven't been taking photos of the fall garden.  Mostly because it's garlic and onions, and how exciting is it to see a bunch of pictures of garlic and onions.

Anyhow, at this point, I've pulled out most of the onions and the parsley (the stuff that grows wild in my yard) has gotten so big it's top heavy.
From left to right:  Dill (which I purchase for the butterflies), onions, garlic, garlic chives, lone onion.  The marigolds reseeded themselves from last year, unfortunately, most of them seeded in the grass area and have subsequently been mowed over.

From left-ish to right-ish:  Fennel (which heretofore has always been purchased for the caterpillars; henceforth, it will always be purchased for the caterpillars), parsley, garlic, lemon balm.  Also, I need to figure out what our easements look like for that electrical box and try to figure out a way to hide it from view...maybe a trellis with evergreen vine...or succulent cinder-block wall.


Ally said...

I haven't pulled up any of my garlic yet, but the stalks look good. Have you checked yours yet? Are the cloves almost ready?

Bond said...

I would recommend a tall variety of native bunch grass to hide the electrical box. The roots aren't damging like shrubs and the utility folks can just chop them back when they need access and the grass will come back on its own. Plus if you buy them small, you won't be digging deep enough to hit anything.

Bond said...

And one more thing, we put ours out enough for a normal sized person to easily get between the plants and the utility box and left one side completely open for access. So it blocks view on most of the sides, can be accessed by meter readers, and then can be cut back for heavy maintenance.

katina said...

Yeah - I was thinking of having a trellis that only shielded the box from view when on the deck - the side closest to the garden would be open. I had the same theory - If I give them easy access, they should be okay with it, and it could be taken down in the case of actual work needing to be done. But I like the Native grass idea - yay! birds!