Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bad Photography

After reading the Not-So-Angry Red Head's blog entry a while back about bad photography, I decided I'd do one as well.  I mean, it's always good to show the screw ups as it makes us all better...and more human.  So here are some photos I took around the yard for bloom day/folliage follow up in which I thought, whilst taking the photos, that they would look awesome.

Fennel flowers.  What is the point of this photo?  Why is it out of focus? Plus, the utility box in the background is obnoxious.  (as I said, I need to do something about that...)

Agave Lopantha - the focus point is off, the white splotches are distracting, the framing of the photo is too closed in.

The only remaining bluebonnet in my yard.  Too bad it's fuzzy as all get out (and this is after the camera said it was in focus, which means it could be motion blur as opposed to completely out of focus...still.  Disappointing.)

What the hell?  How could I have gotten the focus on the wrong thing?  I was aiming for the monarda to be in focus with the guara out of focus...yep, totally effed that one up.

Just because early morning light is good for photographs doesn't mean that it's good for ALL photographs - the shadows are distracting and the tree trunk is blown out.  boo. 

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Ally said...

As a fellow blogger who is also a newbie photographer, I can really appreciate this post. Trying to get my camera to cooperate and capture what I see is sometimes a challenge. My strategy at this point is to take 20 photos and hope for 1 good one. Still, it can be frustrating when that perfect shot turns out to be not so perfect.