Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dahlberg Daisy

Another one of my favorite plants is the Dahlberg Daisy.  Of course, I only have this growing season to base that assessment on - I got it a few months ago from Jenny at RockRose.  I specifically got it because I was looking for plants to put in my hell strip after I went and turned it into a rock garden area.  So far the plant has been blooming pretty much non-stop with minimal water (I water the hell strip plants about once every two weeks if we haven't had rain in that time - I'm trying to get all the plants established and then I figure I'll water very rarely after the first year).

I love the yellow of the daisies, and also how delicate and tiny they are.

The north hell strip - I originally thought these plants got more shade than the south hell strip, but I think it actually gets more since our trees in the yard have matured.  And of course, since the plants are all still tiny, this area does not photograph well.  Don't worry, I plan to bring you photos soon of the main part of the hell strip which also looks barren until you look closer.  From top to bottom: Coreopsis, Feather Grass, Creeping Thyme, Arizona Blanket Flower, Desert Marigold (it has since died), Dahlberg Daisy, Prairie Fleabane.  

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