Saturday, February 27, 2010


I came home today and decided that I really ought to water the garden since I haven't watered it all week (I try to make sure it gets water every 3 days or so--so if it rains I skip watering, if it doesn't, then I water, you get the idea). As I walk out of the back door I think "hunh, why is there water in the dry creek? It hasn't rained in a while."
Then I grab my watering can and walk over to the rain barrel only to see that the hose part is laying on the ground instead of being attached at the top like it should be. And then I remember that because I'm a nut case about freezing weather (something that happens more frequently I think when you're from Colorado...which is only odd because some things I'm a nut case about (e.g. always turning off the water connectors to the washing machine) while other things I'm not (e.g. covering the outside spigots in the winter.), I leave the hose "open" when there's freezing weather about, and I've only started it this year because of all the hard freezes. In short, my rain barrel is effectively empty. Good thing we're supposed to have a wet spring.

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Lancashire rose said...

Oops! Sorry about your water loss. I also turn off the washing machine spigots but only when we go away and cover the outside spigots. Good practice.