Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden Bloom Day

I have nothing blooming right now other than the afore pictured succulent. Nothing, nada. I question how much has made it through the winter (Artemesia, Rock Rose, Liriope and Society Garlic for sure). And of course my stunted little winter garden. The spring garden I replanted with peas, beets, spinach and chard on Jan 25, and it FINALLY looks like something is starting to sprout. It probably has to do with the 3" of rain I've gotten in the last week or so. Still, I don't know how much is going to have grown by the time I start planting the spring garden stuffs (so by end of March maybe).

I did plant some cat grass for the cat that had/has kidney problems and it's growing great (about 4" tall). I planted it because her nibbling on plants is probably what got her in trouble in the first place. Of course when I placed it in front of her, she sniffed it and was like "What am I supposed to do with this? Silly human. Let me outside now, please."


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