Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Quazi--I don't like the feel of being so squished on the top and open on the sides, but it's rare that my cats will actually do what I want them to and he had been laying down for all the other pictures (see below)

Quazi--again. Once again, still kinda squished on the top, but it would have required me to go over and close the front door in order to prep the shot correctly. And I am lazy.

Shrimp Plant from Bob at Draco Gardens

The fish head (I have no idea what it actually is supposed to be)

Succulents--once again, from Bob at Draco Gardens

Bulbine--from the spring Garden Bloggers Get Together

Leaf Footed Nymphs. If you see one, it's actually an assassin bug nymph. If you see hundreds, then they're Leaf Footed bug nymphs.

Click to embiggen--I think the gall looking thing is (are?) nematodes. Vunderbar.

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Bob said...

WOW! You take really good pictures. You should have more pictures...lazy girl.