Monday, May 18, 2015

McKinney State Park

On Easter Sunday, Roberta and I went to McKinney Falls State Park with the Beags (aka Beagle, aka Lilly - one of Roberta's dogs).  The goal of the trip was for Roberta to take some pictures with her camera for her 365 project, but I figured I might as well take my camera and take some photos as well.

Rebel XTi - Trees by the lower falls.  Notice the rock overhang on the right - the fact that the water has eroded away the rock means that this area floods with some regularity.  This is also part of the reason why if you're in the tent camping area there's a sign which tells you to immediately run to higher ground if you hear the air sirens go off cuz it means a flood's a' comin'.

Rebel XTi - Onion Creek by the tent camping sites.

Rebel XTi - Spiderwort flowers

Rebel XTi - Tree trunk.

Cell phone - Roberta taking a picture of the bluebonnets.
Cell phone - Beags is not impressed with the bluebonnets.
Cell Phone - Roberta had Beags sit on a picnic table which had sidewalk chart art on it - apparently some of it rubbed off.

Cell phone - Luna moth.  I think this poor guy was getting ready to leave this mortal coil considering that he was completely non-concerned about us taking photos of him.  Of course, Luna moth adults only live for about a week.


Roberta said...

Your tree trunk photo is amazing!!! I love it. Poor Luna, that was the first time I'd ever seen one in the wild (as opposed to in a book).

Thanks for taking us :)

Jenn B said...

Love the Cedar! I've lived in the Austin area nearly my entire life and still have yet to visit McKinney. It's now on the list of things to do before the end of the year! Thanks for sharing!

Pam/Digging said...

Nice pics, Katina. I enjoyed the McKinney Park views.