Sunday, April 5, 2015

Greenwood Cemetery

Fact: There's a cemetery at the north end of the west runway at ABIA.

Every Sunday, I drive by this cemetery and finally decided to stop in and have a look around.

Apparently these were popular because there were many headstones like this - a sandwich plate set up where the bolt holding everything together had rusted away thus spilling the letters and dates every which way.

Of course, being by the airport means that there's an airplane taking off with some regularity (about every 15 minutes or so when the wind is from the right direction).

Broken head stone

The muscari (aka grape hyacinth) was naturalizing all over the place.

I'm used to seeing this flower in white (and there were plenty), so having a pink version was pretty nifty.

Waiting for an airplane

More naturalizing muscari - the cemetery irises will probably bloom a in a few weeks - they are wee things (I bet they got mowed over earlier this year and are recovering).

I'll have to make some visits throughout the year just to see how things change through the seasons, as well as take my actual camera and get some photo practice in. has a large database of tombstones in cemeteries in case you want to do some research for your family tree or something.

Austin Genealogical Society also has some Austin area cemetery photos/listings.


Malia Sturgeon said...

I love old cemeteries too. I always wonder who the people were and what their lives were like. Such beautiful pictures!

Roberta said...

Those are great photos and I know it sounds weird but thanks for sharing your cemetery discovery with me. Michael and I enjoy strolling through old cemeteries as well.

Rock rose said...

I have walked a few graveyard looking for my family. Are you planning on putting the letters back together. A little puzzle.

Claude said...

Theres a small cemetary in the middle of DFW airport I've visited a few times... its sometimes interesting how urban sprawl takes over old sites.

Dani said...

I love the fallen letters. Something about it is so interesting and beautiful.