Monday, January 19, 2015

Roses - who knew?

Oh my god, guys - remember how I said last year that I had determined both of my roses which I got from my friend Andrea were Double Delight Andelis?

Yeah.  Not so much.  One is a Double Delight Andeli, the other is a Sweet Freedom JACshume.  I figured this out when I was finally planting the roses in the rose bed and as part of my pulling them out of the flower pots and pruning them, I found the other metal tag - also wired around one of the larger main stems.

So, now there are 3 roses in the rose bed, the Dr. Huey, the Double Delight and the Sweet Freedom.  I think they should all look good together.  I plan to also plant some mexican mint marigold in the area as well - this area already has a bunch of zexmenia (assuming it comes back from this winter), and some blackfoot daisy.  I also may end up putting the firebush in this area.

Dr. Huey: Hybrid Wichurana.  Crimson colored.  Mild fragrance.  Average diameter 2". Height 10'-12'. Climbing form. Susceptible to Mildew.  Very vigorous.  Prune after blooming.  Blooms once in spring/summer.

Double Delight (ANDeli): Hybrid Tea. Bicolor; white with red edges. Strong spice fragrance.  Average diameter 5".  Height of 3-5'.  Upright form.  Susceptible to Mildew.  Prune spent blooms.  Blooms in flushes throughout spring and summer.

Sweet Freedom (JACshume): Hybrid Tea. Cream colored. Stong Honeysuckle scent.  Average diameter 4".  Height of 5'.  Upright form.  Exceptionally resistant to Rust and Mildew. Prune spent blooms.  Blooms in flushes throughout spring and summer.


Rock rose said...

Thanks for the info on these great roses. Where are the photos?

katina said...

ha - right now, they're just sticks. I guess I could reuse one of the photos from back in the day from the double delight. I don't remember the sweet freedom ever blooming (it was in more shade).

Claude said...

Mint marigold was always one of my favorites, good choice mix in... looks like you've got a good start for a fragrance garden