Wednesday, November 19, 2014


So, I figured out the name of the rose that I got from my friend, Andrea.  You may remember me posting some photos of two that I cut off the plant a month or so ago.  Here is another photo of one of the blooms -

Like I said earlier, I found the tag, but I didn't remember the name at the time - I finally went back out and decided I should just take a picture of the tag -

Double Delight (Andeli) is a bicolor hybrid tea rose which is great as a cut rose due to their size and scent.  According to Wikipedia (but I don't see it mentioned on any of the rosearian pages), the red coloring becomes more pronounced in the sun, with those flowers in green houses being almost white.  Which, if that's true, then that explains why the ones I had as cut flowers in the house had more ivory when compared to the ones that are on the plant.  Double Delight was hybridized by Swim in 1977 and the parent plants are Granada and Garden Party.

I really need to find a better place for these roses since they're currently in half-filled large flower pots - but I'm not sure if it's better to have them out in the rose bed (probably the best place for them) or if I should put them on the south side of the house (which would then mean that I need to create a NEW garden bed for them).

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Rock rose said...

Nothing wrong with creating a new garden bed. Less grass to take care of. Go for it.