Friday, August 2, 2013

NxNA garden tour: Deckert Garden

The final stop on the NxNA Garden tour was at the Deckert Garden.  I was immediately taken with the Desert Willow on the corner of the lot.  And then I noticed the awesome combo of Knockout Rose with Purple Heart.

Further along the curb front, there was a very nice plumbago plant with some white sage.

Close to the front door, there was a table full of wonderous kitsch.

And next to the table, a stack of balanced rocks topped with some gorgeous glass.

Around the side of the house, an eclectic path

Which leads to an elevated deck

On an old tree stump sits a purple sweet potato vine in a pot.

And of course wine bottles are put to good use as edging.

A view from the back of the yard looking toward the house - Ms. Deckert is at the corner of the deck - the work of a gardener is never done and even on the tour day, she was still doing yard projects.

On the ledge of the deck, there is a cute bird made of a shovel head, some pliers and a bike fork.  Ms. Deckert told me she found it at a garage sale for $5. 

A final view from the front yard

Ms. Deckert and I spent some time talking about the tour - she wasn't the first who said that the major downfall of the tour is that those who are hosting it can't go and see all the other gardens.  I agreed and thought that she should mention it to the organizer to see if maybe they could do a tour for just the tour hosts - you know go from one garden to the next as a group so they could see the other gardens.  She also told me that it's so nice to be able to share her yard with others who actually appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating and maintaining it - you know, like-minded individuals actually getting to meet and talk about plants.

All in all, the NxNA garden tour was a great success - the only complaint I had was that there were so many gardens it was difficult to get to all of them - I only went to 14 of them, and I skipped 5.  All of the hosts were very gracious and out going and I had a blast talking to everyone.  I've gotten some great ideas for my own yard (the husband is a little scared, to be honest), and I look forward to having another NxNA garden tour next year.

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