Sunday, August 4, 2013

Anderson Mill Mini-Triathlon

I felt that I should post this here, mostly because I haven't been updating my normal blog with any sort of regularity, but I still update this blog and most of my friends who read the other one read this one. Besides, if I ever see you in person you know that I've been complaining about the crazy workouts that my husband and I have been doing in order to train for a [mythical] triathlon.

Our neighborhood does a Mini Triathlon two times a year (it might actually be more, I'm not sure). We participated in the July triathlon. It's not a big one, and in fact there are a bunch of kids who compete. The overall event is 300 meters swimming, 2 miles biking, and 1 mile running. Easy enough that you can do it even if you haven't been training, but hard enough to wish that you had.

Us before the race - God I look tired.  I'm not a morning person in case that wasn't already clear.

My husband took our waterproof camera to take photos, but then didn't bother actually taking it while he was doing the course. Since he finished 5 minutes before I did, he got to take some pictures of me competing. Below is the only one that you could actually see me (the camera doesn't exactly have a great zoom function).
Me acting like a goof ball - only 25 yards to go.  To be fair, I did sprint the rest of the way.
We had done a practice mini-triathlon the weekend before the event and I did all 3 legs in a grand total of 41 minutes.  Not great, but then I wasn't trying to go fast; and we were doing slightly longer biking and running portions because we were doing it from our house instead of from the swimming pool.  During the actual event, I did it in 29 minutes.

Now to start training for the September event.


Claude said...

I ain't doing no triathlons on August, mini our otherwise. Just saying. More power to ya tho

Bond said...

Awesome! This seems like the perfect length to me. You don't even look like you broke a sweat in the last picture.