Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Because I know I'll forget, I wrote down which iris plants are which.

  • All the Cemetery irises that don't have "$" next to them are the ones that Bob at Central Texas Gardening was generous enough to gift me.  
  • The ones with "$" by them are the ones I bought at the Sun City Plant Sale at the end of September.  
  • The ones called "Smith Unknown" are from a coworker - he said I could have whichever ones I dug up since he's trying to get rid of them, but is too lazy to pull them out.
  • The other "Unknown" came from my yard - this plant is one that had been behind the utility box where it hardly got any sunlight, so I moved it to a location that I thought would get more sun. The Mexican Petunia almost choked it out. This is the reason why my garden plan called for "iris" as in singular, something I completely forgot while I was at the Sun City Plant Sale.  I only had just the one because I was going to move it to a location that actually gets 6 hours of sunlight so it might actually do well and bloom.
The colors, as far as I know them:
  • Cemetery = white
  • William A Setchell = purple
  • Jesse's Song = white with purple edges
  • Smith Unknown = purplish-blue from what he remembers (3 years since bloom)
  • Unknown = will be a complete surprise (likely purple since that's what the neighbor has)


Amy Farrier said...

Great idea for remembering the colors! I'm going to try this with all my unknown iris when they (hopefully) bloom this spring.

Roberta said...

The iris are going to look beautiful! And I'm impressed that you know all of the colors too. I never remember to plant bulbs, it's always too late and I'm way too lazy to dig a new bed these days.