Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time Line

Seed Starting for Spring 2011:

Seeds planted: Krim Tomato, Roma Tomato, Basil (Thai and a Custom Blend by Botanical Interests), Torch Tithonia, catchfly, Orange Fogo pepper, Red Demon Pepper, Italian Trio Eggplants, Red Savina Habanero

Date planted: January 5, 2011.

Sprouts (total):
9am 1/13: 1 combo Basil, 1 Roma, 1 Krim
3pm 1/13: 8 combo Basil, 4 Roma, 4 Krim, 2 Thai Basil, 1 Torch

3pm 1/14: 15 combo Basil, 5 Roma, 6 Krim, 9 Thai Basil, 4 Torch

9am 1/18: 24 combo Basil, 7 Roma, 9 Krim, 19 Thai Basil, 9 Torch, 3 Fogo, 4 Demon, 5 Eggplant, 1 Habanero, 1 catchfly

1/19: brought veggie seedlings home and moved outside

1/23: transplanted Krim and Roma tomatoes to 4" pots

2/13: transplanted Torch Tithonia to 4" pots, mostly in the pots that the Romas and Krims didn't make it.

2/14: catchfly and the non-thai basils all died because of lack of water (both at work, and I was out sick 3 days, then there was the weekend; so at least 5 days without water does not make for happy seedlings).

2/27: Attend the Green Garden Festival at Zilker with my Inlaws. Stop by the Sunshine Community Gardens booth to look at their list of plants. See a postcard with information about the sale. I grab it and hand it to my mother in law. I notice that it has a "get a free tomato plant" coupon with it. Not a problem, I have like 6 good tomato plants at home, I don't need any other tomatoes, peppers, or eggplants.

3/1: Notice that I only have 4 tomatoes left alive - 1 Roma and 3 Krims

3/3: Birds or squirrels ripped up 2 more of the tomatoes. Also a squirrel went and dug a hole in my box where I'm growing the rest of the veggie seedlings, so all the habanero seedlings were ripped out. DAMN VARMINTS! I put the habaneros back in the dirt and pressed it down and everything and am hoping for the best

3/5: Go to the Sunshine Community Gardens plant sale to look for a birthday gift for my mom (I had remembered there being artisans at the sale in years past). End up buying 2 tomatoes (Roma and Krim), a Jalapeno plant, and a Naga Jolokia plant. Didn't find anything for my mom. Get home. Talk to mother in law on phone. She's decided that she's not going to go to the plant sale and she'll just buy the plants at the Georgetown Farm Supply. Could have used that coupon. dangnabbit.


Annie in Austin said...

Saying "poor baby" in a soothing voice would be nicer, but I'm laughing too hard - what a tragicomic saga, Katina.

I've given up on starting vegetables here. We pick up anything that looks interesting anywhere I see them, then repot the little plants into larger pots & grow on for awhile. Sometimes a topdressing of decomposed granite keeps the squirrels from uprooting them from the pots, sometimes not.

We also bought a Black Krim and am trying Viva Italia. DH bought Mariachi Pepper.

And I've tried to get seeds of Tithonia going a couple of times -no luck. Elizabeth Lawrence wrote about it so I wanted to grow it.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Caroline said...

DAMN VARMITS indeed. Caught a squirrel digging furiously at the base of my alliums and chased him off. What does he think is down there, an acorn? Aren't the cracked corn and peanuts I leave out for him enough? Even better, a friend brought over his big lovably dumb black Labrador a few weeks ago, and I didn't think anything of letting him stay in the back yard for an hour or two...until the next morning, when I found my potato patch completely dug up. Compost and seed potatoes (with roots and broken-off sprouts) strewn everywhere. I reburied them and hoped for the best, but I'm not seeing any recovery. It's tough being a farmer.