Sunday, February 13, 2011

When to plant: When you're sick

As I've been sick since Thursday with some nasty coughing up a lung disease, I naturally started suffering from cabin fever today. So I decided that the perfect cure was to plant a bunch of marigolds I bought a few weeks ago for 50 cents a 6-pack.

And man, did that tucker me out.

But I now have all the marigolds planted, and I also went a bit crazy with spreading out seeds that I was supposed to plant in October instead of February, but they're also like 5 years old so I figure it probably doesn't matter much either way.

I also planted more quinoa in the garden (and some poppies and some lemon mint).

OH! AND I transplanted some torch tithonia seedlings which I started in January into 4" pots. I also watered everything that I transplanted with seaweed emulsion.

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Bob said...

It's nice to see that I wasn't sick alone. Man, it's bad.